Buyers' Advice

Buying jewellery, particularly for a loved one, can be a daunting task. Stones, settings, metals, styles – where do you start?

To help you buy with confidence, Karina offers you the guides, blogs and case studies below. If you are left with any questions please contact Karina.

Diamond guide

Diamonds are a beautiful addition to any jewellery, but there are so many measures of quality that it can be hard to know what you're paying for. In this guide Karina explains the key terminology so you can invest in diamonds with confidence.

Engagement Ring guide

Your engagement ring will be one of the biggest purchases you ever make. This guide will take you through all of the key steps you need to take, along with all of the different options, to create the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée.

Helpful guidance in our blog

Ethical Diamonds

Conflict Diamonds first came to our attention in the '90s. The world became aware of rebel armies in certain parts of Africa that were illegally using the trade of rough diamonds to fund their wars against democratically recognised governments. These so-called Blood Diamonds were once the scourge of the continent and it is only through refusing to buy them that we can make them obsolete.

Karina only buys diamonds from an ethical source; therefore she will never use conflict diamonds to make your jewellery.

Case Studies

Please view our case studies to see customers' views on Karina's unique craft.