Guest Article from John Auckland

I recently designed and made two pieces for John Auckland, my website copywriter. He very kindly offered to write a blog article about his experience of commissioning me to make him two bespoke pendants. Here's what he wrote:

I first met Karina at a networking breakfast last year. It quickly became apparent that Karina truly loves her craft, and embraces her inner creativity with every piece she makes. When writing the case studies for Karina's website I had the opportunity to interview some of the many people she had designed and made jewellery for, and it only served to re-emphasise my first impressions – here was a lady with the ability to reflect your soul through jewellery.

I had no doubt that this was the woman to whom I should entrust my most treasured pearls.

10 years ago, when backpacking around the world, I came upon some very rare and beautiful black pearls. These pearls are only formed by the black oyster, a species indigenous to Tahiti and the Cook Islands, and are treasured for their natural beauty. One of the pearls was a Keshi, which is an extremely rare, lustrous pearl. They are formed without a nucleus, meaning they create strange and unique shapes, and are composed of 100% solid nacre (which is why they have a greater lustre).

I have kept hold of these unique pearls for over 10 years, waiting for the right moment to set them into jewellery. As soon as I met Karina, I knew she was the one to do them justice. After seeing her process, her work, and the stories of her clients, it became clear to me that there was no one more qualified to handle the difficult task of meeting my expectations.

The occasion for the jewellery being made was my girlfriend, Hayley's, birthday. As with all of her clients, Karina questioned me at length about her personality, likes and dislikes. She requested photos displaying jewellery she currently wears, which she studied meticulously to get an idea of her taste. The end result was a completely unique pendant – made of solid silver – in a spiral shell shape with the Keshi pearl set into its opening. It perfectly reflects Hayley's nature, like a beautiful and unique product of nature emerging from her shell.

Where else can you get Jewellery so specific to the recipient; so exclusively designed for them? Hayley absolutely adores it, and has yet to take it off.

If you have an occasion that calls for a bespoke design, why not come and see me in my workshop? I would love to meet you.