A unique wedding ring forged around you

Wedding rings are one of the most personal pieces of jewellery you will ever buy. A symbol of your everlasting love for another which you vow to keep for the rest of your life.

Yet, when to comes to wedding bands, people often feel that they have to follow certain 'rules'. For example: "It has to be a plain band", "You have to spend so much on it", "It has to be made from gold", and so on…

But what if these 'rules' don't work for you? What if your style is different? What if you live a more active lifestyle and need to take the ring off a lot?

Shouldn't your ring reflect you?

This is the exact situation Rob found himself in when he came to my workshop for a consultation. He didn't know quite what he wanted, but he at least knew what he needed.

"As a previously non-jewellery wearer I was a bit nervous about wearing a gold ring of such high value, when I knew I would be taking it off when I play sport and go to the gym."

So Rob wanted a silver-coloured ring that was not going to tarnish or wear down with constant removal at a price that wouldn't turn him into a nervous wreck every time he put it in his locker!

To help Rob choose his ideal ring I first outlined the different possible metals we could use, and the benefits and drawbacks to each.

For example, while white gold would be expensive and would wear down easily, I suggested palladium – a white, platinum-like metal which costs a third less than white gold. Because it is in the same group at platinum, palladium is very durable while retaining the silvery lustre. It is also comparatively very lightweight, making it ideal for an active lifestyle.

"Karina gave me all the information about the various types of metals we could use for my wedding band, and we eventually settled on palladium. The ring looked perfect and was nice and lightweight. It cost far less than I was expecting too!"

If you want something unique to celebrate your special day, or you just have very specific requirements, then get in touch – I am confident we will create your ideal ring together!