Adaptable earrings for all occasions

A few years ago I was invited to a posh evening ball. Being a jeweller I wanted some stunning earrings to wear, but I also wanted something I could wear casually during the day.

It was a rather unusual request I had made of myself, but I set to work sketching out designs for some earrings I could adapt for elegant evening wear or throughout the day.

I played around with a few ideas, settling for a diamond stud earring design with detachable pearls. I adapted the normal clasp on the diamond studs so that I could attach the pearl droplets.

The pearls added a stylish and sophisticated look, perfect for the evening ball I was going to, while the diamond studs looked great at any event. The earrings did not fail to impress either. A number of people at the ball, and since, have asked about the earrings, and I've gone on to create another ten pairs for others!

I love a challenge – it pushes me to be even more creative, developing unique ideas and designs. Why stick to the usual designs you see in high street shops when you could have something unique, beautiful and adaptable? Two earrings in one looks impressive yet costs far less than buying the earrings separately.

If you have a design challenge for me, or you would like some jewellery designed around your unique specifications, then get in touch.