About Karina Martus


Karina's jewellery education started with father, who also ran his own jewellery business. So she began learning about the trade from a young age.

Karina went on to follow in her father's footsteps by taking up an apprenticeship in the jewellery-making trade. She spent four and half years with her father working on her basic skills in Lithuania. After moving to London she studied at the London Guildhall University, during which she designed a piece that was chosen to appear in an international student jewellery exhibition.
After a further two years working and training in the prestigious David Morris workshop, Karina decided to form her own company. She brings a wide range of influences – including art, history and psychology – to her work to craft jewellery that reflects your personality on an artistic, social and personal level.

Karina's clients range from friends and private clients, to celebrities and famous international retailers. She is always happiest when she is making beautiful, bespoke jewellery.

Karina loves her art, and she hopes you will too.