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Guest Article from John Auckland

I recently designed and made two pieces for John Auckland, my website copywriter. He very kindly offered to write a blog article about his experience of commissioning me to make him two bespoke pendants. Here's what he wrote: I first met Karina at a networking breakfast last year. It quickly became apparent that Karina truly loves her craft, and embraces her inner creativity with every piece she makes. When writing the case studies for Karina's website I had the opportunity to interview some o...

March 17, 2015

Breathing new life into old jewellery

When old jewellery begins to wear down, to fade from its former glory, it doesn't mean that you should just give up on it. There are lots of ways to reuse old jewellery, breathing new life into old treasures. One particularly memorable piece came from my client Sharan. Sharan came to me with pretty ancient ring featuring a beautiful cluster of diamonds. Unfortunately the ring had become worn over years of loving wear. The setting had also become loose, threatening to let the diamonds fall ou...

March 17, 2015

Adaptable earrings for all occasions

A few years ago I was invited to a posh evening ball. Being a jeweller I wanted some stunning earrings to wear, but I also wanted something I could wear casually during the day. It was a rather unusual request I had made of myself, but I set to work sketching out designs for some earrings I could adapt for elegant evening wear or throughout the day. I played around with a few ideas, settling for a diamond stud earring design with detachable pearls. I adapted the normal clasp on the diamond s...

March 17, 2015

A unique wedding ring forged around you

Wedding rings are one of the most personal pieces of jewellery you will ever buy. A symbol of your everlasting love for another which you vow to keep for the rest of your life. Yet, when to comes to wedding bands, people often feel that they have to follow certain 'rules'. For example: "It has to be a plain band", "You have to spend so much on it", "It has to be made from gold", and so on… But what if these 'rules' don't work for you? What if your style is different? What if you live a mor...

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