Shian Case Study - Wedding Rings

"We went together as we were recommended by another jeweller. We had high expectations of what to expect because of the recommendation. She showed us beautiful stones that were quite overwhelming. She then showed us through the process of choosing diamonds, and obviously knew what she was talking about. She steered us through the entire process, and articulated herself very well."

"[Karina] sent us off to visit local jewellers and bring her back designs to work with. In the end she knew what I wanted more than I did. She completely gets into your mind, in a good way. She also helped my partner through his first time of ever buying a male ring, and made him feel comfortable. She put us both at ease.

"The after care is fantastic. There was no problem resizing afterwards, and she polished them the day before the wedding. We wanted a certificate from a diamond merchant, and it was a bit tatty so she sent it back for a new one. It really felt like she was right there at every step."